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Micropigmentación Facial y Microblading

¡Embellece, perfila y corrige asimetrías de forma natural de tus ojos, labios y cejas!

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Paola Gateño Caraccioli


Paola Gateño Caraccioli

  • Founder and Director Paola Gateño Studio, The Beauty Holding World Wide Company PMU Clinic and Academy.
  • Founder and Director FEMPO Foundation Santiago (Chile)
  • Member of Worlwide Association of Female Professionals
  • Member of the ESTP, European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research
  • Precursor of Clinical studies and Research on the positive effects of Oncological PMU in Mastectomized patients
  • Author of two chapters in the coming book “Cosmetic and Medical Tattoos”, publisher Karger AG, Switzerland
  • Organizer of the International Congress Salon Look Madrid-Santiago, First & Second Edition in Santiago, Chile
  • Speaker in Medical PMU and Areola Pigmentation in Medical Congresses, Hospitals, Clinics, Fairs and Conferences
  • Training of Medical Staff including Plastic Surgeons and Oncologists
  • Master Instructor in PMU & Microblading
  • World Wide Speaker
  • World Wide Master Instructor
  • Master in PMU Areola Reconstruction
  • Master in PMU Paramedical Oncology Esthertician